A job candidate emailed her future boss asking if she could work remotely full time to relocate closer to family. It worked — here’s what she wrote.

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In spring 2021, Nikki Gonzales applied for a full-time job at QuoteBeam, a Silicon Valley-based, equipment-manufacturing platform. 

She landed the role of head of growth and partnerships, but quickly realized the best choice for her family was to leave California and move to Texas.

"I have two young children, and being so far away from our families had become very isolating," she told Insider. "The cost of childcare, housing, and opportunities for my husband all played into the decision to relocate."

Instead of looking for another job, Gonzales had a proposition for her potential new boss, Roman Piszcz, founder and CEO of QuoteBeam: make the position remote.

It worked, and she started in early June.

Gonzales said that when she made the ask, employees had been working from home anyways due to the pandemic — but the company had shared they planned to return to the office "when safe."

"With the right collaboration tools, our team is very well synced, and I think I am just as productive, if not more so, than if I was commuting to the office daily," Gonzales said.

She shared with Insider the email she sent Piszcz to start the conversation:

Hi Roman,

Thank you for the offer, I am super excited to come on board!

However, there is one thing I would like to discuss with you before we finalize things. 

Would you be open to making the position remote?

As you know, most of our family lives in TX, and now that I have the two little ones, having family close by is something I feel they are missing out on in a major way by us being so far away. So my husband and I have decided that moving closer to them is what is best for our family.

I know we discussed that flexibility and respect for employee’s families and work/life balance are very important to you, so I figured this wouldn’t be too far-fetched of an ask.

When thinking through what our goals are for the position, what I would be doing on a day to day basis, and what I hope to achieve for Quotebeam — I think working from home would be a better fit, and would allow me to have more impact considering that I can drop around two hours a day spent commuting into the office.

I would be happy to travel back to CA for team meetings, company events, etc. when needed.

Let me know if you have time this week to jump on a call to discuss.



"We had a phone call, where I explained the situation and my reasoning in a little more detail and let him know I was committed to the role," Gonzales said.

In addition to needing Piszcz’s blessing, she said she also needed to garner support from cofounder and CTO Andrew Kohr "since my role involves working with both of them very closely."

"Luckily, they both agreed it would be a great thing for QuoteBeam to be open to a distributed team," she added.

While Gonzales had worked remotely in two previous roles, both required extensive travel and customer meetings.

"I have always had an opportunity to work with people face-to-face in addition to working from home," Gonzales said. "This is the first time I am spending the majority of my time at my home office."

Gonzales’s successful bid for a virtual arrangement had a trickle-down effect: Working from home became an option for all QuoteBeam employees shortly after.

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