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How to land a job at a top tech firm

Tech companies are eager to hire lawyers. Lawyers, in turn, are looking at tech. Big Law associates grappling with burnout have long eyed in-house positions as greener pastures that offer better work-life balance. Tech companies, perceived as high-speed and glamorous, are especially attractive.

But the path to pivoting in-house isn’t straightforward. Insider spoke to 6 lawyers and legal recruiters to learn how to leverage Big Law experience to land a job in tech.

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How to jump from Big Law to tech, from top feeder firms to the best time for making the switch

How to start your own law firm

Giving up a steady Big Law paycheck to venture off alone can seem like a daunting task, especially for young attorneys with clients who may not follow them to their next venture. But some careful preparations can go a long way. Insider spoke with seven lawyers who have launched their own firms.  

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How to leave Big Law and start your own legal practice, according to 5 lawyers who made the leap

Insider spoke with Warren T. Allen II, a former Skadden lawyer who recently launched his own practice with another attorney. He broke down the steps he took before he made the leap.

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This lawyer left Skadden after 12 years to start his own law firm. He walked us through the months of prep and savings he needed to do it.

How to land a clerkship

Federal judicial clerkships are often seen as extra gold stars on a lawyer’s track record. Acting as apprentices to the decision-makers at courts, clerks assist judges with legal research and drafting, reviewing, and editing court decisions and memoranda. From picking a judge to crafting an airtight cover letter, six current and former clerks shared their advice on landing a prestigious federal judicial clerkship.

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How to land a coveted federal judicial clerkship, according to 6 current and former clerks

Supreme Court clerkships are highly competitive: Usually only 36 clerks are picked every term, four for each of the nine justices. Insider spoke with five former clerks about what it takes to land a clerkship on America’s highest court.

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How to land a Supreme Court clerkship, according to clerks for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anthony Kennedy

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