How much should you be paid? Browse more than 250,000 salaries from 250 of the country’s largest firms

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For a long time, sharing salary information has been a major taboo in America, which makes it difficult to know how much you should be getting paid. The only public disclosures in America come from companies that hire immigrant workers using a slate of different visas. 

To help prepare you for your next salary negotiation, Insider has created a searchable database of the last three years of salary disclosures, collected from the USCIS website, curated to a range of more than 250 companies that Insider reporters regularly cover. The data is filterable by employer name, type of job, and job location, catching the differences between software engineers in Silicon Valley and Miami. 

The data covers a representative range of some of the largest and most important companies across industries, including Tesla, Microsoft, and Deloitte. The companies in the data were selected by the Insider newsroom, with reporters deciding which companies on their beat are most newsworthy and attractive to potential employees.

It’s important to note that this data comes from visa-holding employees, and not American citizens or permanent residents. While it is indicative of what these companies pay for similar jobs across the board, it is not absolute. For example, the H1-B Visa program requires employers to pay the "prevailing wage" for a position that they’re hiring for, but companies can classify employees at a lower-level than their actual job. 

The data also does not include bonus pay or equity grants. That’s especially relevant on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, where these variable components can make up a big chunk of overall compensation. 

Still, this database provides a clear picture of what employees are paid, and there is no other comparable publicly available data source for companies’ salaries for their workers. You can search for salaries in the searchbar above.

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