I’m a consultant who’s gotten 28 HubSpot certifications for free. Here’s how they’ve helped me succeed in business.

Joshua Feinberg

I’m a digital strategist and revenue growth consultant for small-business CEOs.

I’ve taken nearly all of the nondeveloper courses since HubSpot Academy first launched its free certification program in 2013. 

I currently have 28 HubSpot Academy certifications in areas including client management, software implementation, and content marketing.

Most of the courses run anywhere from 4 to 8 hours in length and are typically broken up into a handful of sections or lessons, similar to chapters in a book. 

Its training videos include downloadable slides, downloadable transcripts, and plenty of useful related links. 

Most of the courses also include short quizzes as an interim knowledge check — and to help you prepare for the certification tests at the end.

One of my favorite productivity hacks: I watch or listen to the courses during my morning workout. 

For anyone with a daily commute or who travels a lot, you likely also have a big inventory of available time.

The biggest challenge with HubSpot Academy courses stems from the nature of the content. 

Marketing, sales, and customer success change rapidly. When I think about the knowledge I needed back in 2010 when I first started using HubSpot versus today, it’s like night and day. So HubSpot Academy expires most of their nonproduct certifications every two years and their product-related certifications annually. 

I just went through a period from early May through the end of June where 11 of my HubSpot Academy certifications were expiring. With effective time management, I managed to renew all with little if any lapse in coverage. 

The certifications definitely help with my marketability and earnings.

They’re also a strong differentiator in a marketplace where "everyone" is an expert. 

Each year, 20 to 30 small-business owners reach out to me on LinkedIn, specifically mentioning that they chose to contact me because I have nearly all of the available HubSpot Academy certifications. This has resulted in a consistent flow of new clients each year for the past several years.

So much of what I do revolves around changing ingrained beliefs and driving organizational alignment. To do this right, I’m constantly educating stakeholders on what’s needed to help the company achieve its growth goals.

Everything with digital marketing, sales enablement, and customer success starts with the basics: buyer personas, understanding their buyer’s journey, setting SMART goals, and using content to educate and build trust at scale.

A lot of specialists that just work in SEO, social media, or email marketing, for example, frequently struggle to connect the dots between their tactics and scalable, predictable revenue growth.

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