(Note that I get similar calls all the time, very often they want me to change my electricity provider or purchase their price guarantee which allegedly would prevent my electricity costs to exceed a certain amount or something. This is another one of those calls, but this one is a first. So, the phone rings and I pick up.)
Me: “[My Last Name], hello?”
Telemarketer: “Hello, my name is [telemarketer], I’m calling on behalf of [company]. Am I speaking to Mr. SanSan [My Last Name]?”
Me: “Uhm… no.”
Telemarketer: “Could I talk to Mr. SanSan [My Last Name] please?”
Me: “Would you please tell me where you got his name from?”
Telemarketer: “Mr. SanSan [My Last Name] recently participated in an online survey and agreed to be contacted about offers and ways to save money.”
Me: “I find that hard to believe.”
Telemarketer: “Well, I have a great offer for him, so could you please put him on the phone?”
Me: “If you insist…”
Telemarketer: “Thank you.”
(I cover the mouth piece and call for SanSan.)
Me: “SanSan, did you do another one of those online surveys?”
(SanSan just tilts his head and looks at me.)
Me: “Ah well, here’s a call for you.”
(I place the phone at his head. The telemarketer beginns his spiel.)
Telemarketer: “Mr. SanSan [My Last Name]? I’m with [company] and I’m calling about your electricity…”
SanSan: “BARK!!! BARK!!! BARK!!!”
Telemarketer: “WHAT THE HELL?!?”
(I take the phone back.)
Me: “Hello? Are you still there?”
Telemarketer: “What’s the big idea?!? Why are you letting me talk to your dog?!?”
Me: “You wanted to speak to SanSan, didn’t you? SanSan is my dog.”
Telemarketer: “Fuck you!” *hangs up*
Me: “No more online surveys, SanSan.”

Not Always Right May 22, 2021 at 06:11PM

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