I work at a fish hatchery owned and operated by my state’s conservation department, and directly adjacent to the hatchery is a visitor center. Together, the two make for a popular (and free) tourist destination, especially with families. Though we often share work spaces and collaborate on events, the visitor center and the hatchery staffs are run by different branches of the department, and we have minimal interaction on a normal workday. On the day in question, I am feeding fish a short distance from the visitor center, when a family approaches me.
Mother: Can I ask you a question?
Me: *thinking nothing of it, as visitors ask us questions all the time* Sure!
Mother: What time does the show start in there? *pointing to the visitor center*
Me: I really couldn’t tell you, ma’am.
Mother: *pointed pause* You mean, you work here, and you don’t know when they play the video?
Me: Sorry, us workers don’t have anything to do with the visitor center. I’ve only been in there twice myself, one of which was for my job interview.
Mother: *dripping with sarcasm* Thanks for all your help!
The look on her face as they left clearly said, “Who hired this idiot?” I mean, I get the confusion, but the tone in her voice still bothers me when I think about it.

Not Always Right May 22, 2021 at 06:12PM

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